Saturday, October 13, 2007

public radio

It's pledge time on my local public radio station. I'm finally going to get around to giving them money this time. (I know, I know, I know. I let my parents give the money the last few years, although I have supported stations in other places I've lived.)

But here's my dilemma: which show to support? I'm most thankful that they picked up Prairie Home Companion and Traditions when the other public radio station unceremoniously dropped both shows in a format change last winter.

The awesomest show they carry, although I only listen to it when I happen to be driving home on a Sunday evening, is The Big Broadcast, in which the guy plays episodes of old radio shows like Dragnet and Gunsmoke.

I probably spend more time listening to Morning Edition than any other show, but (a) Steve Inskeep annoys the living crap out of me and (b) plenty of people support Morning Edition already. In fact, I'm thinking about setting my alarm earlier so I can wake up to the Writer's Almanac instead of Steve Inskeep. (I don't know him personally - he may be a lovely person - but golly his host persona is irritating.)

So what do I do? Thank them for preserving popular shows? Recognize the awesomeness of old-time radio? Or vote where my ears spend the most time?

I even thought about pledging during Calling All Pets this morning, because it's on so early I bet nobody ever pledges for it. And I like the dog-training tips, although I do not now and probably never will own a dog.


J.Bro said...

Both WPR and Madison's local hippie station (WORT, for locals) are having their fund-raising drives right now. I don't understand WORT's logic - they have to know that there's a huge audience crossover. Do they assume that once the ol' donation blood gets flowing, that listeners are generous all around? Wouldn't it make more sense to have the pledge drive at the point equidistant from NPR drives?

If you donate to the pet show, you HAVE to tell them you're petless - that you're just an appreciative collector of tips to keep dogs from peeing on the carpet.

I Blog, You Blog said...

...or tell them that since dogs are a surrogate for children, and you do hope to have children someday, this you're doing parent research.


lamedeity said...

Dear god! You think Steve Inskeep is annoying? I litterally dry heave every time I hear the phlegmy, breathy voice of Garrison Keillor!
The radioshow that got me is Radio Lab... way cool and off beat science-y philosophical-ish stuff

towwas said...

I heart Garrison Keillor, except when he sings. He shouldn't sing.