Thursday, October 18, 2007


My blog is boring me these days. I'll have to think of something else to talk about. Here is what's not boring me these days: Facebook. Yes, it was only three short months ago that I declared myself to be over social networking sites. That's ok - I'm a big girl, I can admit I was wrong.

Here are some of the things I've done on Facebook in the last 48 hours:

1. Guessed songs in a christmas show friend's song lyric quiz. Ok, three friends' such quizzes. They're kind of sweeping the nation, or the nation of my D.C.-area music-nerd friends.
2. Been high-fived by J.Po; bought a drink in return.
3. Pwned Spice after she used the force on me. And threw a fish at me. I couldn't just stand there and take it.
4. Made moves in three different Scrabble games, against N.Lu, K619, and a guy I interned with at a newspaper in 2002. (N.Lu and K619 are totally kicking my butt; the guy is my only hope for winning a game.)
5. Posted a link to my work blog. (Know how to find my work blog? We put up a totally funny post the other day. Go read it.)
6. Carried on a "wall" conversation with Miss Shirley about how my friends think I'm punctual and likely to succeed.
7. Compared my friends. (Who's more likely to succeed? who would I rather marry? who has a better profile picture?)
8. Carried on a wall conversation with one of the teens in the Christmas show about how it's cool that all us big nerds find each other at the Christmas show.
9. Played part of a Traveler IQ Challenge game.
10. Watched a video of a bunch of us singing last night at a bar after rehearsal.

...and so on. I remember reading in a story after Friendster fell apart that the problem was, they let you build this great network and then they had nothing for you to do with it. And I thought that was weird - I mean, isn't the fun part just finding old friends? What would you really do with an online social network?

I think I know now.


Sarah Moffett said...

What did people do before meeting, stalking, tracking, catching up, etc. on line? It's disturbing how few cell phone minutes I need anymore...

Spice said...

Your previous post is kind of hilarious to read now - I commented that there weren't many people our age on Facebook, and since then (not that long ago!) that number has absolutely exploded! The number of people I'm friends with has pretty much tripled in the last 1.5 months, partly due to people here, but also due to lots of OAMers signing up.

The addition of Facebook applications was huge - until them, it was kind of like Friendster. Now, it provides hours of procrastinatory fun!

grrrbear said...

Sounds like an awful lot of work. I'm glad I don't have to worry about it.

Time to go make fire now and gather some berries for dinner!

towwas said...

You can THROW SHEEP, Grrrbear! Is your heart made of stone?

Spice said...

Grrr, you're already on Facebook, with a whole group dedicated to you, including photo! Wouldn't you rather have some control over how you're represented on there?!?

Coloradan said...

Wow. I had to lure you onto Facebook with promises of a geography quiz, and now look at you! You're a Facebook overachiever!

And as you know, if you ever need a sure win at Scrabbulous, I'm here for you.

miss shirley said...

You could totally kick my butt at Scrabulous. Too bad I haven't added it! :o)