Sunday, July 15, 2007

ali t and the po

The Po is in town, the Po is in town! Or she was. Now she's gone. But I managed to have both breakfast and dinner yesterday with her and Ali T at Ali T's excessively cute and relaxing house, which is about a mile and a half from my excessively cute and bright apartment. The original plan was to have breakfast, then I'd go throw Miss Shirley a baby shower and they'd go to the zoo, then we'd see about maybe doing some Norwegian folk dance in the evening.

Instead, the evening felt more like this:

(J.Po, inert on the floor; me, taking the picture. I bet this picture would be a huge crowd-pleaser at flickr.) After dinner, we watched excerpts of the Christmas show (the Scandinavian year), then ate blueberry sorbet and played with the stuffed animals J.Po and Ali T had just bought. It was very relaxing. Anyone looking for a relaxing place to hang out, I highly recommend Chez Ali T.

Second topic of discussion: A.Tho needs a nickname, and we all think A.Tho is boring. So, how about Ali T? It's like Ali G, only with a T and not an idiot. Post other suggestions in the comments.


alsho said...

Good suggestion, but I address why I didn't use it im my first blog post. :) Maybe I can now be part of, or at least hang around the edges of, the posse.

J.Po said...