Monday, June 18, 2007

up the stairs

A.Vo had a lot of fun climbing these stairs. She's a good time - she just turned two, and her sentences don't always include verbs, but you can kind off follow what's going on. She likes to keep tabs on people. As soon as she learns their name, she wants to keep tabs on them when they're out of sight. The first time she did this, it was when J.Vo ran off for a second and left her with me, and she kept asking "Where Mama?" I thought it was mommy anxiety, but she does it for everyone - often for me, when I was right there. And one afternoon when we were playing outside she kept asking, "Where [J.Po]?" None of the answers were satisfactory, or maybe she just liked it when I said "In [Spice]'s Prius."


J.Po said...

My favorite A.Vo moment was when I asked what her favorite thing was in her letter-learning sticker book and she said (and pointed to the) "ax". Repeatedly. She really really likes the ax. Spice asked if she wants to be a wood chopper when she grows up and she nodded. But then, she nodded in response to most questions over the weekend.

grrrbear said...

I particularly liked her ability to manipulate grown-ups into doing pretty much whatever she wanted us to do, whether it was TOWWAS' little "Survivor Barbie" shelter that A.Vo then destroyed in a moment of Gojira-like destructive might or convincing TOWWAS, myself, and her mom that the best way to travel was flying up and down stairs in her stroller.

J-Vo said...

You all missed her crowning achievement of the weekend- on Saturday night, she pooped in the hotel pool. Awesome.