Monday, June 18, 2007


One of the biology professors at OAM raises tortoises in his lab. He was never my bio professor - I studiously avoided animal classes in college, then what did I do in grad school? animals. and what do I write about now? mostly, animals. Yeah, dumb choice on my part. He's a good guy, and he was the only professor in the building, so J.Bru, N.Nik, A.J., and I hung out in his lab for a while. The others talked a lot about academia. I took a lot of pictures of tortoises.

[featuring the hand of J.Bru]


Coloradan said...

So cute!

J.Po said...

Were you hanging with M.Ra? S.Zwi and M.Ra are collaborating in a project genotyping snakes from various areas in the country. S.Zwi has piles of zip-locks containing snake skins in his lab. Coolio.

And that pic is so so cute!

Sophist said...


erin*carly said...

rule #1 of cuteness. anything teeny tiny compared to its parent is cute.