Friday, May 05, 2006

when it rains

I know D.C. is supposed to be this whirlwind of power-broking gala dinners and whatnot, but in my experience, it's more like a lot of hanging out with your friends sight-reading musicals, watching bad movies, and drinking girly drinks. But I've been invited to four fancy events in the next two weeks. In addition to the gala that caused my cocktail attire dilemma, I also have a business dress awards dinner and a business dress reception. Then today I got an invitation (dramatically, and amusingly, fedexed in an envelope marked CONFIDENTIAL) to a black tie optional magazine launch party. Black tie optional! Holy cow! Fortunately for my wardrobe stress, this one conflicts with the business dress reception.

So, here I go to wheel & deal with the powerful and wonky. I often feel out of place at these things. I'm like, I work at [my publication]? ...yeah, but I actually don't cover politics? ...but could you pretend to be interested in talking to me anyway? Some of them are health-themed, so it'll be ok, but at one of them I will be, like, dramatically out of place. Let's hear it for the free drinks!!


J.Po said...

For that black tie thing you could totally make use of a bridesmaid's dress. But then, you have a conflict.

towwas said...

Ohh, good thinking! I will remember that for next time. Because the dress I'm wearing in G-dog's wedding in June is totally pretty enough to wear to events. (Although it's possible that it screams "bridesmaid's dress.")

Tunnies said...

I was totally going to say you should wear the lavendar bridesmaids dress---it would be great for this black tie optional event. I would recommend a shrug over it--a black one from H&M up on the main drag where we work is cheap and amazingly versatile and can help dress down a nice dress. I wore mine at the wedding I went to on Saturday! (they do come in other colors too...) Honestly, the dress doesn't scream bridesmaids dress--prom maybe, but not bridesmaids :)

I Blog, You Blog said...

P.S. to all TOWWAS fans: The dress she got on Saturday (pre-chocotinis)? Totally hot. Like, hotter than Tom hot. And she found the perfect shoes to go with it.

I'm hoping for another face scribbly picture (but maybe leave in the hair because the idea there sounded really pretty).

Yay for fancy clothes!