Sunday, October 02, 2005

well, I don't like you either

Today I was at a craft festival, wandering along looking at crafts, when I saw a dude I know carrying his daughter on his shoulders. And I was like, hey, how's it going, haven't seen you in a while. It had been about eight months. (The mom went to My Alma Mater - let's call her Mx.) Anyway, so Mr. Mx and I wandered along chatting, and little Mx, who I think is about 2 1/2, wasn't contributing much. Then, very clearly, she says, "Daddy, I don't like this woman." It was pretty funny.

I think she was a little annoyed I was getting an unfair proportion of Mr. Mx's attention. Fair enough.

Ooh, also at this craft festival, I bought a necklace from this guy. Isn't his stuff cute? (Mine looks kind of like the one labeled "706P" but smaller and pink.)

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