Thursday, September 22, 2005


Tonight I made raspberry-peach cobbler. Last weekend my mom brought home way more peaches than anyone could be expected to eat, so I was flipping through the Joy looking for something to do with them. I mentioned raspberry-peach cobbler. Next thing I knew, there were frozen raspberries in the fridge, and people kept bringing up cobbler. So tonight I finally gave in and made it. I don't actually like peach cobbler. The peaches come out tasting like dried fruit, and I don't know why you would eat dried fruit with broth and bready topping.

Two friends came over to help eat it - both graduates of Our Alma Mater and both science writers. They're housemates in a cute little old house a couple of miles down the road. (I must maintain connections with people who, like me, live in the boonies.) We all ate the cobbler, and you know what? It was really good. The peaches didn't taste like dried fruit at all - they tasted like peaches. Maybe it's something to do with the acidity from the raspberries? I dunno. It was really good.

The O.A.M. grads were, if anyone's keeping track and really really good with names, E.Sto, class of '92 or '93, and N.Lu, class of '94. E.Sto is now back home wrestling with the lead for a story about the Endangered Species Act. Look for it soon in the news section of a world-renowned journal near you.

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