Monday, December 22, 2008

zoo show

Our little show at the zoo tonight included the 12 Days of Christmas, which involves a movement for each of the 12 days. We did the first two sets in a gift shop (to get out of the cold), so people came in looking for stuffed pandas and were rewarded I was thinking, lord, what if someone I know walks in? I felt like an idiot. Which is NEVER how I feel about stuff related to the Christmas Show, so it was kind of weird. It was probably partly because our costumes were less elaborate than usual, so I felt more or less like myself standing up there. I felt less geeky about the rest of the set, but I kind of worried that we were creeping the audience out by being all, like, cheerful at them.

But after the show the manager of the gift shop came to me and one of the other performers to tell us how great it was that we were bringing joy, and the season is so stressful, and this is what it's really about - the joy. It was so nice, and I felt like, ok, even if I felt a little dopier than usual, this tiny little show still worked. Yay.

I'm still glad none of my former colleagues walked in.


Brian said...

Hey - was going to hit zoolights last night but it was so effin cold we stayed in. Sorry to miss it!

towwas said...

I don't blame you. This is NOT zoo weather.