Sunday, December 21, 2008


I have a decent amount of savings, so getting laid off is not an immediate financial emergency. But it does mean I'm living off a bank account that's only going in one direction, so I'd like to slow its rate of depletion. This has led to my new fiscal policy: Don't spend money.

It's actually kind of liberating. There's a number of activities I can cross right off my list. Shopping, for example. Most concerts and movies. Going out for drinks.

Sure, I'm still spending money on food, Netflix, and other necessities. But basically, this gives me very easy criteria for deciding what to do. Does it involve money? Yeah, I think I'll skip it. I imagine I'll start reintroducing spending eventually, as I get income, but for now I'm ok with being cheap.


miss shirley said...

Sitting on my couch is free! (Driving here isn't, but gas is so cheap now that it is practically free...)

towwas said...

This is very true!