Sunday, October 05, 2008

ok, little miss only barely knows how to read

Next to my keyboard at home right now I have a list of evidence that I'm a good writer.

1. [person at radio network] referred to me as "our best intern" several years after I'd been there, to someone who didn't know me.

2. [radio god] used one of my stories in a speech as his example of how people should tell stories about science.

3. [wildly successful freelancer and book author] picked one of my stories (ok, the same story) for an anthology.

4. Little Miss likes me, and she's smart.

Under normal circumstances, this might be considered bragging, but I really need this list somewhere where I can see it right now.

UPDATE, 11:58: Ok, I found another one, from an editor I've written for a few times, so please indulge me: "Seriously, though, and not just because I like you personally or want to be nice -- you are one of the most talented writers I've ever worked with." And "...whatever happens, don't let anybody make you think you're a boring writer -- that's crazy talk!"

(Although I realize one could argue that this particular post is boring. Sorry bout that. It's mostly for me. Feel free to place your own requests for affirmation in the comments and I'll tell you why you're awesome. Already did it for Z.Dog, and he didn't even ask.)


Dog said...

I need that sort of thing right now too. I'm glad you're giving yourself evidence that you're awesome.

towwas said...

Dude, you're the best dragon EVER.

erin*carly said...

i second the motion for best dragon EVER.

can i add to your list? i was at a photo lecture / dinner last night and met a guy named Bill A. who was a photographer with [your previous employer]. he's the kind of guy who remembers everything and everyone - he's also the kind of guy if you've met you remember. when i mentioned that a friend of mine worked there, he asked who, so i told him. he said 'oh yeah, i remember her. she was quite good. really talented.'


erin*carly said...

ooh, he may not have been a photographer. i think he was the photo lab chief. either way, he was involved with the photo side.

I Blog, You Blog said...

And you also have an avid blog readership. People don't read blogs that are terribly written!

Even MORE evidence!!!

towwas said...

Yay! Thanks, guys!!