Tuesday, October 14, 2008

fall fun

This weekend I went to Oregon to visit Kay Ray. We had a four-day weekend at work, so I left Thursday afternoon and got home Monday afternoon. So, it was a lot of travel for three days in Oregon, but they were three nice days!

On Saturday we went to look at nature and to visit...a corn maze!! They don't really grow corn in this area, but someone thought it was worthwhile to grow it for the purposes of charging people to go through it. I took this picture from a bridge thing in the middle of the maze:

The bridge had one of those orange tube slides going down from it. Here's Kay Ray:

Also featured at this autumnal wonderland: pumpkin cannons. It was $2.50 a shot, which hardly seemed worth it to participate (since it would take a few shots just to figure out the aim), but it turned out to be a great spectator sport:

The right-hand cannon just shot out a pumpkin. It's the speck above that one guy's head, right at the tree line. Lesson of the day: pumpkins aren't very aerodynamic. And it was real windy.

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J.Bro said...

There's a whole pumpkin-cannon movement out there - like a competitive league. Some of them grow the pumpkins in plastic tubes the same diameter as the cannon, so instead of being round and un-aerodynamic, they're tube-shaped.

No pictures of feet in the corn? So disappointed.