Monday, October 13, 2008

chicago: the lazy wrap-up blog post

Yeah, I never got around to telling the rest of my Chicago stories, then this weekend I went to Oregon and now I'm just totally behind. So here, I'm finishing off Chicago with one big post.

On Saturday we went to the Field Museum. They've got a real big dinosaur there.

A highlight of the visit: Chicago's Fluevog store isn't far from Grrrbear's house. It's in an old movie theater. I bought boots. They needed stretching (the guy almost pulled me off the chair getting the left boot off my foot) so I'm actually receiving them tomorrow - Grrrbear picked them up last week and shipped them to my office.

Clockwise from top left: Grrbear's girlfriend, Grrrbear, me.

Saturday night I went to former colleague S.Ball's wedding, the reason for my trip to Chicago. It was in a former billboard factory that now houses some guy's collection of sports cars. The guy also rents it out for events. The ceremony was on the top level, where they painted the billboards (so it had really high ceilings and natural light). Like how I cleverly made this photograph anonymous by shaking the camera? Totally on purpose. Nothing at all to do with the low light.

I wore my awesomest pair of shoes. In fact, I planned everything else I wore around the shoes. The other shoes in this picture belong to two very excellent people from my former employer.

I maxed out on wedding partying at about 11:30 and caught a cab back to Grrrbear's. I got in a little before midnight and was like, hey, sweet, I'm in time for Weekend Update! Stupid central time. Saturday Night Live was just ending.

And that is all. It was a quick trip but good fun.


erin*carly said...

those are very awesome shoes. where did you find them?

also, don't feel so bad about slow blogging of events. i'm about three weeks behind in blogging about my Missouri trip.

towwas said...

They're fluevogs. I got them online. So, they're wildly expensive, but SO CUTE.

grrrbear said...

I think I win on the "slow blogging lately" award. Don't feel bad at all.

miss shirley said...

Actually, I think I win on the slow blogging lately. Grrbear's girlfriend is wearing some amazing shoes and I am impressed she walked any distance in them. Rawr. Go girl.