Friday, July 18, 2008

space chimps

I saw the most god-awful movie last weekend. In other hands, Space Chimps could have been a great story: The grandson of the first chimp in space is wasting his life getting shot out of cannons in a circus. Then he gets called up to join the space program and finds himself.

The reality is cliche-ridden, insulting, smart-assy, doesn't hold together, and is also, did I mention, terrible. Ham III sexually harasses the girl chimp astronaut until she falls in love with him. One of the three space engineer characters is an Indian guy with a funny accent because, ha ha ha! Foreigners are hilarious! So is hitting people! And they kept calling the chimps monkeys. Argh.

So, I'd recommend skipping it, although the guy next to me laughed a lot. I think he fell for the thing where you decide a movie must be funny because you're seeing it for free. I watched it for the work blog - it's about space and animals and stuff, it's a clear choice - but we don't waste blog space on things we don't like.

(I posted on the work blog last week, by the way, with something super funny, so go look at it.)

P.S. The guy who reviewed Space Chimps for today's Post agrees with me.

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J.Po said...

Oh damn! Medium Tum-Tum and Lieutenant Adventure Monkey have been talking about this movie for weeks! They will be thoroughly disappointed, but easily soothed with bananas.