Thursday, July 17, 2008

poor summarizing skills

From the Post homepage:

"Technicality"? The guy didn't bring the gun with him. To quote the story: "Police explained to Heller that he needed to show officials the guns he wanted to register -- and allow them to be test-fired -- as part of the registration process." Right. So, if you want to register a gun, you should bring the gun with you. Hardly a picky detail. One might even say, freaking obvious. Also, it appears from the story that the guy knew he had to bring the guns to get them registered. I don't think "technicality" fits.

(I'm guessing the people who write blurbs for the front page are far, far away - a whole state away, probably - from the people who write and edit the stories.)


erin*carly said...

i think this heller guy is just an idiot.

Anonymous said...

So, you have to bring the unregistered gun, which is illegal to have because it's an unregistered gun, to the officials to register it? Seems like a catch 22.

I knew someone who got in trouble for driving to her driver's license exam.