Thursday, June 19, 2008

run away to be a gaucho

A brief IM conversation this afternoon between me and an acquaintance I will call "Bob" because his name is not Bob but it is similarly classic:

bob's new status message - thinking of bailing and running away to argentina to be gaucho. who's with me? 4:24 PM
me: yes please
wait, just checking - gauchos don't have editors, right?
bob: ha ha! come along!!!
they certainly do not and drink wine and sing on horseback all the day long
me: well, then that sounds just perfect.
I like singing.
and wine.
not so sure about horses.
bob: well, you can have a unicorn then.
just kidding. those don't really exist in south america.
but you can have a llama.
me: ooh! ok then.
sign me up
bob: DONE! yay!

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erin*carly said...

aww yeah. llamas.