Tuesday, June 17, 2008

allo? allo?

Today I tried to call someone at an international organization near Geneva, and I thought it was little weird that I got a voice in French telling me something like "this voicemail box is full, please hold to talk to an operator." (At an international organization, I expect the voicemail messages to be in English.) And a lady answered in French (again, weird). And I was like, can I please speak to [British name]? And she said, sorry, who are you trying to reach? And I said, is this the IUCN? And she said, [sentence in French].

Yeah. I got my first international wrong number today. I feel bad now for calling some random Swiss company and being like, hi, speak English to me. And find me a person who you do not know.

I figured out the problem after the call - one of the many special features of my handwriting is that 9s and 8s often look the same.


Coloradan said...

Probably happens all the time in Geneva.

towwas said...

Ha! Good point. Ok, now I don't feel so bad.