Thursday, June 12, 2008

oh, I only talked about the audience before

Michael Stipe was happy. The band rocked. The first song they played was Finest Worksong, which was a pretty awesome declaration: "We are going to play old music and it is going to rock." And it did. It was great! I'm just going to keep repeating this. It was great! Yay R.E.M.! Yay! Great!

They were so great that I very briefly toyed with trying to see them on Long Island on Saturday. There are good tickets available...if it were Manhattan, I might go for it, but I don't really want to get involved with multiple trains and buses. (The Manhattan show is on a weeknight.) Anyway, anyone who lives anywhere else they're going should consider going. All the reviews I've seen have been good, and they're playing lots of old stuff.

Yay! Great!


acrosenberg said...

i couldn't agree more - thanks for posting to finestworksongs. now, get in the car and go to jones beach, you won't get set lists like this again too often.

J.Po said...

My god, I had the same thought..."when can I get away from work long enough to fly to some other town where they're playing..."

Alas. I'm too busy. But man, that was a rare concert experience. Really really good. I'm surprised how much I love a good rock'n'roll show from time-to-time. On CD, I sortof prefer they're jangly folky stuff. But I LOVE the rock stuff live!!!

J.Po said...

Oh - and Driver 8? How cool was that?

I also enjoyed how extremely political they were feeling. Overtly so!