Thursday, June 26, 2008


Much better today, thanks to J.Bro - still waiting for the rest of you layabouts to leave me jokes. (They don't have to be good jokes. Seriously.)

Tonight after work I kayaked around on the Potomac for 45 minutes or an hour. This was about 10,000 times better than the rest of my day. (In which thing #1 from yesterday became no longer true.)

The kayaking was part of a party for my department. And, I'll admit, I was completely dreading this party. But then I got there and the host was all, Towwas, cmon, let's get you in a kayak! And I said, uh, ok, because she can be difficult to work with and I would like to please her. She picked out a particularly stable kayak for me and held it while I got in. Five minutes later I was halfway to Virginia. When she caught up with me later on the river, she said, "Towwas! You're like a duck!"

There was wide, slow-moving water. There were trees and baby ducks. A great blue heron and big sky with clouds and glorious sun rays. And after that, sangria and hummus and chocolate chip bars and so on. And now I am very tired.

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