Thursday, June 26, 2008

center for excellence

This morning Kay Ray and I were IMing while listening to a phone-in press conference about this news (in fact, the guy who wrote that story asked a lot of questions). Probably neither Kay Ray nor I will actually write about this news, but hey, it was something to do on a Thursday morning, and it's good to keep up on climate and ecology research.

One of the scientists' affiliations included some center for excellence on something-or-other.

Kay Ray: man, i need to be a member of a center of excellence
me: I'm creating one now. You're a member.
Kay Ray: awesome.

We added S.Vix to the roster later in the day. Anyone else want to join? It's called "The Center For Excellence In My Office." Kay Ray is excellent at knitting baby blankets, I am excellent at sleeping, and I haven't checked with S.Vix yet on her particular brand of excellence, but I bet it'll be good.


J.Bro said...

At some point, I thought it would be a good idea to form a corporation called The Center for Excellence in Quality, then other companies could pay me money to have their product "approved" by The Center for Excellence in Quality. Wouldn't that be convincing on an ad?

erin*carly said...

i'd so be "excellent" in procrastination.

look! i'm doing it right now.

(not that i'm in your office. but across the street isn't too shabby.)

Coloradan said...

Oh, so that's what I joined.

I'm pretty excellent at side kick, but I'll continue striving to improve it as a member of the Center for Excellence in [TOWWAS's] Office.

towwas said...

Gotcha, S.Vix/Coloradan. Actually "Center for Excellence in My Office" is the official name, so whenever you refer to it you have to explain that the "my" isn't you. Come to think of it, this may make people less likely to join. But that's ok - keeps out the riffraff.

J.Po said...

Ooooo...can I be excellent at being tall, please?

towwas said...

Yes, J.Po! Welcome to CEMO!

miss shirley said...

Are there any dues? I can't afford dues and still buy my new house, and I really want my new house.