Monday, June 30, 2008


Of all the random things I signed up to sing this summer, Candide was the one I was most excited about. And it turned out to be the most difficult. Candide is a comic operetta by Leonard Bernstein based on the 18th-century novel by Voltaire. It's about how it's dumb to go around saying everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds. It's satirical and dirty and very entertaining. There's a big aria about syphilis.

The notes aren't hard, if you're me and have had them memorized for over a decade. But stylistically it's tough. We're supposed to be singing like an opera chorus, which means like soloists who are trying to make it but are choosing to blend. I normally sing in a sweet little choir voice. This is not that.

Also, Bernstein wrote stuff that is insanely difficult to sing in tune. Like this chorus, which is lovely but REALLY wants to go flat. Like, a half step flat. Or more. (The accompaniment helps a little, but mostly I have to raise my eyebrows a lot.)

Come hear it for yourself Sunday night. It's great music and a fun show, and this guy is in it. Yeah, apparently he has a great Broadway voice - who knew? (I won't hear him until Sunday afternoon at the dress rehearsal.)

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