Thursday, June 05, 2008

velsignede morgen

Tonight was the opening night for Peer Gynt. It went quite well. This is our biggest choral moment. (That is not us singing it, obviously, but OAMers should definitely look at who *is* singing it.) It's right near the end of the piece, we have to remember our starting pitch through about 30 seconds of narration, and the orchestra comes in soon enough after we sing that we really ought to end it in the same key we started in. (Those of you who have sung in choirs will know that this is really hard.) And the conductor is taking it suuuuper slow and milking it for all its got. Good stuff.

And to balance out that awesome moment, a totally dumb moment: We sing "slagt ham" a whole bunch of times in one section. It means "slaughter him!" and it's really loud and fast and violent. There's a series of them where someone says a line, then we yell - ok, sing - "slagt ham!" while the orchestra plays two notes really fast. Well, the first one of those? We didn't sing it. It was like the whole choir agreed to not bother coming in. Heh heh. Oops. (After that, we paid attention.)

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