Saturday, May 24, 2008

two towers?

Also, one of those blogs contains the completely unsourced statement that Wolf Trap is working on doing the Two Towers next summer. Which, if true, is totally win-win: If the same choir does it again, I get to sing it, yay!! If another choir does it, I get to go see it, yay!!

Actually, the way the local choir world seems to work, if another choir does it, someone in that choir will try to recruit me to sing with them. Thursday I got an e-mail asking if I want to sing Peer Gynt at the Kennedy Center with another choir. (Correct answer: Yes.) Then in July I'm back at Wolf Trap for another concert with the first choir.

Yayyyy, music!!


erin*carly said...

i thought i had a ton of singing with the Christmas Show and the Street Named Choir. you definitely have me beat.

so awesome, though . . . kennedy center? gah. and is your other wolf trap gig another movie score, or just a concert?

towwas said...

I've seen this Two Towers rumor repeated several times now by members of the choir who might actually have knowledge...I hope it's true!

Yeah, I've sung at the Kennedy Center before and it really wasn't all that exciting. I mean, not to act all jaded, but I was one voice in a very large choir (my mom couldn't even find me).

The other wolf trap gig is just a concert.