Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I worked at the Christmas show auditions, signing people in and stuff. That meant I was the first person new people talked to when they got there. Most were familiar with the show, but there were a few complete newbies.

One woman had found out about it through the audition ad in the Post. So she really had no idea at all what she was getting into, and when I was giving her the forms her body language said, "ack scary stop talking to me I'm going to run away and fill these out now." After she filled them in, I plonked her down in front of the TV with the explanatory video and sicced the executive director on her. Then she learned the dance with the rest of her audition group, then went in and sang by herself, came back, then sang and danced with her audition group, and by the end she was laughing and having fun with her fellow auditioners.

So last night I was telling Miss Shirley this story of triumph over overwhelmedness and I suddenly realized how funny this was: I was all worried about making sure a complete stranger, who may never be heard from again (although she has a beautiful voice and I hope she gets in), was happy at auditions. Auditions! Auditions are supposed to be stressful!

That is the unique awesomeness of the Christmas show right there. We think an audition should be a fun community experience.


Talentedhands said...

A perfect explanation about why I love Revels auditions so much.

erin*carly said...

hey, that tactic worked for me!

i hope she got in, too, after all that.