Thursday, March 20, 2008

soda pop

Would it be weird to organize a whole vacation around this store? (Hear the radio story here.) Who's with me?


Coloradan said...

Just how many sodas would you drink on this trip? Would you have any teeth left for the trip back?

towwas said...

You raise good points, Coloradan.

J-Vo said...

I'd just be tempted to walk in there and say, "mmm, I think I'll just have a coke" and then watch the reaction.

erin*carly said...

totally not weird. i'm planning my next vacation around wanting to put my feet in the pacific ocean.

the plan is fly to Cali (LA), then drive from LA to San Diego. (ooh. maybe even a drive across the border to Mexico! wait. can you do that?) see a bunch of friends in between, take a ton of photos, the usual.

not sure when this will happen, but i'll get there.