Thursday, March 20, 2008

hotel saski

I upgraded greatly, accomodations-wise, in Krakow. My room had high ceilings, extreme cleanliness, a bed I didn't have to make myself, and TV. TV! I feel a little shallow for being so excited about TV, but I *like* watching TV when I travel. Partly because, unlike my house, hotels have cable (European hotels don't have Comedy Central, but CNN International carries the Daily Show) and partly because it's fun to watch local TV.

My hotel TV got five or six Polish channels, about four German channels, German MTV, CNN International, BBC World, and Eurosport. (My favorite sports channel.) One night I sat in my hotel room and flipped back and forth between a table tennis tournament on Eurosport and In Her Shoes dubbed in German. So my TV gave me random international sports...and language practice!

Oh, the hotel, if you're looking for a place to stay in Krakow: Hotel Saski. Superb location half a block from the town square; includes a giant buffet breakfast of deliciousness; nice staff; I paid a little over $100 a night (stupid weak dollar) but it was worth it.

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