Saturday, March 15, 2008

maple and whiskey

I had some of this last night and oh my it was delicious. It was at the Grande Fête de la Francophonie, about which unfortunately my overall review is "eh." It had a bit of a trade-show atmosphere; it was brightly lit, noisily musicked, and extremely crowded after the first half hour or so. The first half hour was pretty good, though, and Ogram and I met some nice Canadians. And the maple-whiskey liqueur? Outstanding!


Coloradan said...

You missed the part where they turned off the lights (except for the ones on the stage) and had a dance party.

It was a lot of putting up with crowds for some international food and drink. But people seem so impressed when I tell them I went to a party at the French Embassy this weekend, so that may tip the scales to "worth it" :)

towwas said...

Ah, that sounds like more fun. I did enjoy the international food and drink, but the crowds made it much more difficult to access the food and drink.