Saturday, March 15, 2008

italian teenagers

I was really looking forward to going to the Pergamon Museum, because about 10 years ago I went to Pergamon - it's in Turkey - and it was totally cool. But I always thought, I'm never going to make it to Berlin to see the stuff from here. And voila. I made it to Berlin.

So my expectations for the Pergamon Museum were probably a little too high, and the view of the Pergamon altar (which German archaeologists dug up, brought back, and reconstructed) was obstructed by masses of Italian teenagers. I don't actually know if they're all Italian, but they were various teenagers from various European countries, and they were in my way wherever I went in Berlin. (Not always the same ones, I assume.)

Once I kind of got over the teenagers, the various friezes from Pergamon were really pretty cool.The museum also has a big collection of Islamic art and a few other ginormous things like the Pergamon altar.

It turned out that my favorite part was the Greek and Roman sculpture, which I didn't know I liked. But look at this guy:

What's not to love?

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