Monday, March 17, 2008

bahnhof zoo

Remember the memoir I was reading, about teenage heroin addicts and prostitutes in Berlin in the 70's? Well, I went to the main location of the book - the Zoologischer Garten train station, known as Bahnhof Zoo. So, yeah, it's just a train station. (And considerably cleaned up in the last 30 years.) But it was a handy place to buy my ticket to Poland.

Also, this is the "Zoo Station" of the U2 song - it used to be where all the trains came in from Western Europe, but they've built an awesome new main train station a few miles away.

I wanted to go see the housing project where the main person in the book grew up, too, but by the time it came up on my list o' tourism, the subway was on strike.

I'm about halfway through that memoir now, and I've learned lots of sex- and drugs-related vocabulary, but I don't think I'm going to finish - it's gotten where she's using heroin a couple of times a day, and I just can't handle all the needles.

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