Tuesday, February 05, 2008

silly words

Today in my new German class my teacher wrote the word "die Wechselpräposition" on the board, which is a preposition that takes accusative or dative depending on how it's being used. Ok, it doesn't matter what it means, it's a long word, and someone was like, you Germans with your long words.

So my teacher's like, ha! You think that's long? Today I had to fill out a
"Doppelstaatsbürgerschaftserlaubnisantrag"! (Application for permission to hold double citizenship.)

This class has about a dozen people (my last class had four on a good day). I missed half the introductions, but I can tell you that the class includes a lawyer from Georgia, a woman in the Air Force (there were people in class who didn't know what "Luftwaffe" meant! cmon, people!), a Catholic priest from Poland, and a French political scientist who talks a lot.

UPDATE, five minutes later: How could I forget to tell you about this new German word? You do it every day - it's a verb - it's "googeln." Past tense: "Ich habe gegoogelt."

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grrrbear said...

Man, all your language stories are making me miss Germany and wish I'd gotten through more of my Rosetta Stone before I left...sigh...