Thursday, February 14, 2008

the internet: more useful than I realized

I'm going to Berlin for two weeks starting next Friday, and for once I am *not* living at my parents' house, which means there will not be people watching my stuff, which means I have to actually put the mail and the newspaper on hold and figure out how to not kill the plants. (Oh, the responsibility of being a grownup! Stop, stop, it's too much!)

I was kind of mildly stressed about having to remember to stop by the post office and fill out the form, when suddenly it occurred to me to check the USPS website, and indeed - you can put your mail on hold online. The weird thing is that there's no verifying who you are. You enter an address and stuff and they're like, ok, we'll hold it for ya! I mean, you could stop anyone's mail! Of course, this is also true if you fill out the form at the post office, but that seems like more effort than just sitting in your apartment randomly putting your friends' mail on hold.

Not that I would do that to you.

Unless you cross me.


Sophist said...

I have tried to have my mail put on hold online and it didn't work... of course I live in Berkeley, land of the lazy postal worker. I bet it works in D.C.!

David J said...

In my experience, they mail you something within a day or two that confirms that you did this, presumably to keep people from playing this kind of prank.