Thursday, January 17, 2008


Here's how I hope the Scrabulous thing goes: It ends in some kind of settlement thing where they actually have a game called "Scrabble" on Facebook. And Hasbro and Mattel will make money off it, and everyone will live happily ever after, except for the guys who wrote Scrabulous.

Because, really, Scrabulous is the best reason for going on Facebook (well, that and Superpoke) and I think Facebook knows that and will work something out with the toy people. And the toy people will realize it's good for them if bazillions of teenagers discover their game.

I hope.

You think?


Coloradan said...

Either that, or Scrabble could buy Scrabulous and hire its creators. (Full disclosure: This isn't my idea--I heard it on NPR.) I think it would be unwise for Scrabble's makers to try to keep it an analog game, since the Facebook app is attracting all manner of potential new customers. I'm a case in point.

grrrbear said...

So...the only reason to join Facebook is to play e-Scrabble, huh?

Ergo - obviously, I have made the correct choice. Real World - woot!