Sunday, December 02, 2007

hell week

I'm so tired, all I can do is think about my bed. But I will also give you a picture from Wednesday night's rehearsal. (That was the last rehearsal before hell week, which started today.)

There's a scene in the show where everyone says a line of Shakespeare and dies. This picture features K619 (in the green coat), who has a degree in theater and thus, I'm sure, dies with authority.

Live in the area? Haven't got your tickets yet? It opens Saturday, which is also my birthday, and goes for two weekends. Be there or...make me sad! Tickets here! (I can get em for you without the service fees.)


grrrbear said...

Which is your line? "Exit, pursued by a bear"? "Oh, happy dagger"?

towwas said...

Oh, so sad, those would be good ones, but we aren't using them! Mine is a song - I sing "Oh, Death!" with three other people who didn't want to say lines. :)

erin*carly said...

i have a hilarious 'time lapse' of everyone dying from Wednesday . . . it's going to be my picture of the day. (or at least one of them.)

i can't wait to see it in costume from the audience. unless, of course, emilie and sabrina find me first for Misrule. they always seem to find me!