Friday, November 30, 2007

omg puppies

Today was pretty much the best day at work ever.

9:30 Coffee with friend
12:00 Lunch with friend
2:20 Chair massage
2:50 Puppies

Yep. The new guy in my section walked by and said, "Hey, [towwas], did you know there's puppies down the hall?" I lept up, went down the hall, and indeed: puppies. They were long-haired chihuahuas, three of them plus the mom, and OHMYGOSH so fuzzy and tiny. About six people (including most of our very small section) were sitting on the floor playing with them. The whole doggie family fit in one of those tiny pet carrier bags. We all went around with big puppy smiles the rest of the day. I think every Friday should be puppy day, don't you?

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