Monday, November 12, 2007

compare me

Facebook has an application that shows you pairs of friends and asks very silly questions like "Who is more punctual?" (Mr. Miss or Spice) and "Who would make a better father?" (Pigpen or this random choir director). So, at right: what my Facebook friends think of me.

And it makes me kind of irrationally pleased. I mean, yeah, I'm not winning "hottest" or "smartest" or anything, but I'll take happy and successful. And best companion on a desert island, whatever that means. I always go for the option with more desert island survival skills (like Mr. Miss), but maybe other people figure, when they're on a desert island, they'll have a real thirst for solo vocal music and interminable stories about my job. I hope so, because I have no idea how to harvest coconuts or fashion tourniquets out of palm fronds.


Sarah Moffett said...

Social websites are virtual crack. They come with so many features that it's nearly impossible to. just. stop. using. them.

I wonder if simplicity will ever be possible while being plugged in virtually.

Coloradan said...

Maybe your desert-island advantage is that you're pretty cheerful (but not in an annoying way), and you take things in stride. The right attitude is key when stranded.