Tuesday, October 02, 2007

iran so far

Meet my latest obsession: a love song to a world leader.

Seriously, I can't stop watching this video. I saw it on TV Saturday night and it's still just as funny. And now the song is totally stuck in my head. Also, I have developed a small crush on Adam Levine, although I hate his band. Hm. I may have to adjust my opinion on Maroon 5. I mean, it *is* nice to be able to sing along in my own octave....

UPDATE, 1/1/08: Youtube doesn't have the video anymore - watch it on the SNL website.


David J said...

The amazing thing is that it took me like 2 minutes to realize that was Fred Armisen in makeup and not really, really good CGI of Ahmadinejad.

towwas said...

Yknow, Fred Armisen is impressing me. He did a hilarious Alberto Gonzalez a while back.