Friday, September 14, 2007

volunteer year

I don't know if you knew this, but 2007 is the official Year Of Asking Towwas To Be On Your Nonprofit Board. Seriously. There have been three requests, which is three more than any other year. So if you're in charge of a nonprofit board, you might want to consider getting in touch before Dec. 31.

What the heck? Is there something in the water? Have I suddenly developed the outward appearance of a responsible adult? How? And how can I undo it? (Kidding. Totally flattered to be asked. But still a little perplexed. Is my mom paying them to do this so I'll feel good about myself?)


grrrbear said...

As someone who serves on a board, let me give one piece of advice. Be *very* careful about choosing which boards you serve on (if any). Some of them are incredibly rewarding, but those that are poorly managed, populated with egomaniacs, or full of questionable financial activity are truly a nightmare.

I'd be happy to chat about it with you after I get back from Europe, if you'd like.

towwas said...

Yeah, I actually thought about calling you, but the decisions were pretty easy - no to two (one of those in the first phone call), yes to the third. I know it's not populated with egomaniacs and I'm pretty sure it's not full of questionable financial activity . We'll see about the management quality.