Friday, July 13, 2007


The more I mess with Google Analytics, the more I like it. I was just looking at searches that got people here, and discovered:

"do a lot of people show up for the wicked ticket lottery" sent 1 total visits

Well! I can only assume (actually, Google could probably tell me, but I'll just go ahead and assume) that this search led them to this post. Which means I actually answered this person's question! You're welcome, person!


I Blog, You Blog said...

I can't seem to get google analytics to work. Maybe when you come to the sanctuary, you can tell me why I failed at installinating it. :(

It's stuck on perpetually "gathering data"...and it's been over a week now.

Or...maybe...just nobody reads my blog. Heh. :)

David J said...

I had someone from Beirut, Lebanon, show up at my blog after googling "what position make me pregnant?" Oh, poor Lebanese person, my blog totally did not help you.

Also have a disturbing number of people get there after searching for "pregnant strippers." I guess you put the word "pregnant" in your blog title, and you'll get all kinds of riff-raff.

towwas said...

Pregnant strippers? Wow. Pregnant strippers. "Pregnant strippers." Strippers...who are pregnant. Maybe now google will send them here, too.

miss shirley said...
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miss shirley said...

Two things - First, IBYB I read your blog! I just don't comment anymore because I am too pregnant to string words together coherently. Second, pregnant strippers? I am seriously pregnant and often fear injury just getting my clothes on or off because of my seriously debilitated sense of balance. Taking my clothes off in a seductive manner? Well, that's just...I don't know what. Cruel? Laughable? Impossible? D. All of the above.