Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Hey! I got internet at home! But I'm busy packing for reunion at OAM and thus, no time for an interesting blog post. Instead, I offer this picture from the day I moved in and this thought: I can see how you might think having a three-year-old around might make moving difficult. But I can now tell you that, if you can get a three-year-old to come over when you're moving, it really greatly increases the amusement value. Especially if it's a three-year-old like Little Miss, who likes to sing and dance and show you poses.


J.Bro said...

Carrying boxes on an exercise ball seems not only inefficient, but kinda dangerous. It's a good way to break an arm, I think. I assume you think of yourself as some sort of broken-arm-expert now, but until you've taken some medical courses by mail or watched all three seasons of Grey's Anatomy, you're no more knowledgeable than the casual ER viewer. Just be careful.

HAR said...

Three-year -olds make everything fun. Unless you are trying to sleep.
The Rice- back from retirement and at a new home.