Thursday, May 24, 2007

kind sir

They have these announcements that play in all the metro stations telling you, if someone leaves something behind, "Kindly ask them, 'Is that your bag?'" and if it's not, call the cops, blah blah blah. But every time I hear it, I get stuck on "kindly." Are they using kindly in the sense of "please"? ("Please ask if it's their bag.") Or are they telling you how to ask the question? ("Ask them nicely.")

Seriously. Every time I hear it. What do you think? Or is there a possibility I've missed?


giddysinger said...

Our choices are A or B?

Then I guess my answer is "Yes." I've always taken as a simple way of stating both things at once.

grrrbear said...

Either that or they're pretending to be British, like Madonna.

Spice said...

Hmmm... I take it as 'please' in the we're-trying-to-be-British way that Grrr suggests.

J.Bro said...

"Tally-ho, gents - this rail will be stopping at Vonlorrington-on-Whey presently. Lift access is available."