Thursday, May 17, 2007

bring me your sweaters

Hey - if any of you want to go through your closets, like, in the next couple of days and send me your old wool sweaters, I'd give a shot at turning one of them into a scarf for you. (And keep the rest so I can turn them into scarves to sell at a craft fair next month with J.Chu! I know - what idiot sells scarves in June? Probably no idiot, which is why I'm declaring victory if anyone picks one up to look at the price.)

Here's what I look for:

1. A soft sweater. Scratchy sweaters are still scratchy after I turn them into felt. Those thin lambswool sweaters from the Gap or Old Navy are perfect.
2. 80% or more animal fibers. This can be some combination of wool and angora. 70/20/10 wool/angora/nylon makes the best scarves ever. The thrift store had a run of these in XL last winter. (Big is good.)
3. Materials that don't felt well: merino wool and cashmere. A cashmere-wool blend might work - I haven't tried that.
4. No pattern knit into it. I take that back: cable knits come out *super* cute. But sweaters that have the ski-style thing across the top don't work, because that section has more yarn and it felts up tighter, the thing comes out uneven, and it's a big old mess.

So, if you have some old sweaters that you really ought to get rid of anyway, let me know!

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