Friday, August 04, 2006


As I acquire more gadgets, it gets harder and harder to travel with the chargers. I'm worried that I'll forget to take one with me or leave one plugged in at a hotel. So this (at right) is the solution I'm trying out for this week o' Grrrbear and J.Vo: I stuck all the chargers - camera, cell phone, iPod, and Palm - in an old toiletries bag, which will make them easier to keep track of. But here's the genius part: I took a picture and printed it out, just on regular paper. So I can keep the paper in the bag and know what to collect when I'm packing.

So...whaddya say? Totally dorky or TOTAL GENIUS???

1 comment:

miss shirley said...

Totally dorky genius!!

Okay, I am stealing your idea.