Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Tall L and I saw Paul Simon tonight. Here's what I learned about Paul Simon: he is TINY. He's so little. You think you know how little he is, but he's littler than that. (Tall L is convinced that Paul Simon's leg is as long as her arm.) And he's adorable. He has goofy little gestures and dances and stuff. Very cute.

Most modern moment: While he was playing the intro to "Only Living Boy in New York," he said, "I used to do this song a lot, but I forgot about it until I saw the movie Garden State."

Most amusing moment: "I'm doing a lot of songs from this group I used to be in called Simon & Garfunkel. I played the part of Simon. I never felt like I got enough credit for that."

Most exciting performance: "You Can Call Me Al." It was a rockin' rendition.

Best song I'd never heard before: "Duncan" - turns out to be from his first solo album.

Best dance party of the evening: Parking lot, waiting for traffic to clear out a little, "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes." Some other people were listening to it out of the back of their truck, so we danced along at Tall's car.

Ok, I was a little disappointed that he didn't play: "Sounds of Silence." Or anything off Rhythm of the Saints. But he did "The Boxer" and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and "Graceland" and "Still Crazy After All These Years" and - yeah, it was a pretty good concert.


Spice said...

I saw PS at the Target Center on the Rhythm of the Saints tour (where, yes, he played quite a bit off RotS!). It was a good show, but the crowd was totally lame (a common problem at TS) until he got to "You Can Call Me Al." Everyone got so into it that afterwards, PS was like "Hey - you were into that! Let's do it again!" and...played it again! It was pretty awesome. I like it when artists actually do spontaneous things instead of just going through the motions night after night.

I really wish I had seen S&G when they toured - no one here wanted to go, but I should have just gone by myself. I'm not so into the more recent PS stuff, so I don't think I'm willing to cough up the $ for his current tour.

towwas said...

I wish I'd seen him on that tour!! I love that album. But that was before I'd decided it was ok to spend money on concert tickets. (Still kicking myself for not seeing U2 on the Zoo TV tour.)

Yeah, this crowd was lame, too. There was general standing up and dancing on a few songs, but mostly it was sitting down and listening. Or sitting down and dancing, in my case, for some songs.

grrrbear said...

This post inspired me to listen to "Only Living Boy..." on my iPod before bed tonight. I'm sure I'll sleep that much better because of it. Thanks!

J-Vo said...

T. Vo and I caught S&G in Columbus, back in ther period when we had no lives b/c of work and not b/c of a baby. :) It was off the chain, as the kids would say these days.

The best part of the people-watching aspect of it were these 2 burly and mannish women with mullets sitting in front of us who had glow sticks that they busted out only when "Mrs. Robinson" was played. THey then stood up and clacked them together in pure synchrony. It was obvious that they had been preparing for that moment for some time- I hope it was they hoped and dreamed it would be!

Spice said...

Hee. J.Vo's tale of synchronized man-women with glow sticks is making me giggle out loud in a public setting.