Sunday, June 11, 2006


G-dog's married! And Miss Shirley and I helped! Ok, all I did was a reading, but I also carried flowers and wore this dress, so that's contributing, right? But Miss S had a big part: she read the do-you-G-dog-take-Pigpen-to-be-your-husband thing, which hardly seems legal. The ceremony was over in 25 minutes, then we went around the front of the house to the tent and ate and danced. Mostly I danced with Little Miss, who is going through a phase when everyone else is more fun than her parents. Even I am not as fun as G-dog, evidenced by the fact that she kept pointing at G-dog and whining when I was carrying her, but G-dog was kind of busy.

Now it's Sunday morning, I'm at the Miss apartment, and Little Miss is asking me, "TOWWAS, wanna put shoes on? Wanna go store? Wanna put shoes on?" Um, no, Little Miss, I want to go back to sleep.

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miss shirley said...

Me too. I still want to go back to sleep, and it is Tuesday.