Saturday, June 10, 2006


Since I went to Brazil in February, I feel it's my duty to take an interest in the World Cup. Ok, and I also kinda like soccer. So here's my World Cup fact of the day, courtesy of because David Beckham has picked up Spanish playing for Real Madrid, the Paraguayan team will be speaking indigenous language Guaraní in their match with England today - despite the fact that their coach doesn't speak it. Guaraní, I have just learned from Wikipedia, is an official language of Paraguay, and 94 percent of the population speaks it. (In practice, Wikipedia says, everyone speaks some blend of Guaraní and Spanish.)

Yesterday was the first day of the World Cup. When I was waiting for the bus in the morning, a car drove by with two Brazilian flags flying. Then a guy on the bus was wearing a bright yellow Brazil jacket. So I was like, oh, they must be playing today. Turns out: nope. Their first game is Tuesday. They're just crazy about the World Cup.

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grrrbear said...

I feel the same way about Ecuador since I went there last summer. And they won yesterday - woo-hoo!

Of course, I haven't seen any Ecuadorian flags on cars here in Chi-town yet...