Sunday, June 25, 2006

bad, bad, bad

Last night was the third in the series of bad movie nights with J.Chu and her college friends - joined this time by S.Vix, who was here looking for an apartment - she's moving to D.C. next month. (Previous nights: Glitter & Crossroads; Cool as Ice & On the Line.) This time, the double feature was From Justin to Kelly and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

I'll start with the good news. From Justin to Kelly was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I actually kind of liked it. Kelly Clarkson has a good voice, there was singing and dancing, and it had your basic dumb romantic comedy plot. Ok, the choreography was questionable - the choreographer got a little too experimental with couple dancing in the big dance numbers. There were many moves that involved men holding women in awkward and non-sexy ways, like upside-down and sideways and stuff.

Anyway, the movie's harmless, and certainly not deserving of the #3 spot on the IMDB Bottom 100 list. Not when there are movies like Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo in the world. Now, I'll admit I haven't seen the original Breakin'. But, viewing the sequel as a stand-alone work, I can say this: it's worse, in many ways, than Cool as Ice. I would watch Cool as Ice again. Breakin' 2? Not if I can help it.

In fact, we did watch part of Cool as Ice again - the Netflix copy of From Justin to Kelly died about halfway through, so we sent husbandcollegefriend to Hollywood Video to pick up a replacement. (He wanted to tell them we were watching it ironically.) While he was gone, we introduced S.Vix to some of the better scenes. This may be the point in the evening at which she laughed so hard that she cried, then cried so hard that she lost a contact.

Anyway, back to Breakin' 2. I think the movie can best be summarized by this picture. Or maybe this one. Or maybe this one, of the structurally unsound community center they were trying to save. And the best part? According to their IMDB profiles, the stars, who are these guys, are working on another sequel. To come out next year. I may need to see it.

I leave you with the words of Ice-T, who (early in his career) played the role of "Rapper." Here's his rap from the trailer:
Party people in the place to be!
This is what you've all been waiting to see
Electric Boogaloo! the ultimate show
With Kelly, Ozone, and Turbo
Electric Boogaloo is Breakin' 2
Electric Boogaloo's action, dance, the best that you'll get
If you liked Breakin' 1 you ain't seen nothin yet.
This time, there is an enemy, so they must unite
Because to save what you believe in
Sometimes you must fight.
Electric Boogaloo's the greatest, nothing can compete
And once you've seen this movie, you'll believe in the beat.
So don't miss it! Breakdance 2.
If you forget it, you'll regret it, Electric Boogaloo.


Sophist said...

Love those pix from Electric Boogaloo. Very evocative.

Have you seen "Hustle and Flow"? Great music flick. That Terrence Howard is awesome, and all of the hos have a different and loveable personality.

towwas said...

No, I haven't seen that one - I want to, though. "Hustle and Flow," you'll be interested to know, has actors from both Glitter and Crossroads. (Thank you, IMDB.)