Thursday, May 11, 2006


Awright, the moment you've been waiting for: this is the dress I ended up wearing to the gala tonight. For those who can't see detail through my freakish quantities of hair, it's got a halter top. The gala was very nice, and I sat next to a researcher who gave me perspective on a story I'm thinking about doing. So, I was working. Also, I had red wine and did not spill a drop on my dress. Rawr! This stunning display of eptitude (opposite of ineptitude. look it up. on second thought, don't) is a pleasant contrast to last night's fiasco, don't you think?

Thanks to Grrrbear for the pashmina recommendation and of course to my excellent personal shopper, Tall L, who brought this dress back to the dressing room when I had ju-u-u-ust about reached my limit of dress-trying-on for one day.

P.S. I also got a little black shrug-like thing to wear with the other dress that will make it perfect for another occasion. Pictures TK if such an occasion ever arises.


I Blog, You Blog said...

...I find that withholding chocolate martinis until after the pain of dress shopping has ended is an excellent motivator. :)

This picture, just FYI, doesn't do either TOWWAS or the dress justice. She looked *fabulous* in the dressing room with zero accoutrement...I can only imagine how stunning she was for the event.


miss shirley said...

Yay! Pretty dress, and help on the article. You have a sexy Lois Lane thing going on there. Brava TallL for the excellent help.