Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Tonight's homeward commute broke records. For a little background, I went to a reception this evening (not the cocktail attire one - a business attire one), and actually had quite a nice time. Since I didn't want to stand around holding my giant conference-materials-filled purse, I stopped by work before the reception and switched over to a smaller purse. That's where things went wrong.

Here's a disaster timeline:

8:30 Leave the reception, walk 1/2 hour to the metro. (It was a nice night.)
9:28 As the train is pulling into the suburban station where I parked my car, start getting ready - pack up the ipod, dig around for my keys.
9:29 Dig around...for my keys. Dig some more. It's a small purse. Keep digging.
9:30 Run across the platform to a train going back downtown. (My parents are out of town and the neighbor with a key is really old - I don't think he's up past 9.)
9:55 Catch a taxi to the office; the nice driver waits while I run upstairs and fish my keys out of my regular purse.
10:10 Back on the train.
10:40 Get to my car.
11:00 Home.

So it took me a half hour longer to get home than I spent at the party. Not to mention the cab fare. It could've been a lot worse, though - at a time when trains can be 10 minutes or more apart, I never had to wait more than a minute for a train. And if I'd taken the bus this morning, it could easily have taken me two hours each way.

Also, in the category of things that are way worse, the taxi driver told me he once forgot his passport at home when he was supposed to take an international flight.


J.Po said...

Ooooo...that stung my eyes as I read. Shit like that makes me wonder why I attempt leaving the house in the morning.

Spice said...

Ugh. I hate that panic feeling when something like that happens and the ensuing rushing about to fix the situation.

towwas said...

Weirdly, it wasn't all *that* bad - I realized what was wrong, I ran through all the options in my head, realized there was no way to avoid going back to work, and finally was like, welp, there's the train back downtown, better run for it. In the past, this would have really, really freaked me out. I must be growing calmer in my old age.