Monday, April 17, 2006


Since we've discussed crazy modern baby names before, I offer a New York Times article on the topic of celebrity baby names. It adds basically nothing to what you already knew about baby names, except some new funny celebrity examples. I also think they're stretching a bit by claiming that it's unusual and celebrity-like to reach back into the grandma era for names. I have a grandma name, and my parents, as you may know, are not celebrities. Anyway, I think the name Moxie CrimeFighter is the coolest name ever. I wouldn't have the nerve (moxie?) to impose it on a kid myself, but I'm highly impressed that Penn Jillette did.


Tunnies said...

Pilot Inspektor? The poor kid they named that even looks freaky in the picture of him in the article. Hey, my parents were going to name me Jeduthan if I was a boy. Seriously--ask them. That comes from a tombstone at Yale--now that's just ridiculous. I used to think my name was hard enough but i was SO glad I was a girl when I found out the possibility if I was a boy. EEK!

grrrbear said...
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grrrbear said...

If I were a Hollywood celebrity, I'd name my kids after the four horsemen of the apocalypse. But then I'd raise them to be really super cute.

Solely because I find the picture of a little girl in her new xmas dress with her hair in ringlets telling Santa her name is "Pestilence" incredibly giggle-inducing.