Tuesday, April 25, 2006

love the internet

This morning, as McG and I were coming in to work, we got stuck for a good, solid 15 minutes on Connecticut Ave. Juuuuust sitting there. No movement. Finally I saw some police cars go by a block or two away, and we were like, oh, motorcade. (D.C. is inconvenient sometimes.) But we weren't sure - police cars can go by for lots of reasons, although it did seem kind of odd that there were about nine at the intersection of Connecticut and Calvert.

So just now I was in BeeBeeQ's office and saw the President was speaking live on CNN, and after a little google work, I learned that - indeed - I can blame George W. Bush personally for making me late to work. He's talking to the ethanol people at the hotel right at the corner of Connecticut and Calvert. (Not the one where my senior prom was - the other one.)

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grrrbear said...

During the 2000 election, Joe Lieberman made me later than normal coming home from work in Cleveland when his motorcade blocked off huge chunks of I-271 and proceeded to drive like an old man all the way to the VP-candidates debate.

Which made no sense becasue it's totally the long way around to get to Cleveland Heights from the airport that way.

I knew then that the dems were in trouble. If they couldn't navigate their way from the Cleveland Airport to a debate how would they successfully navigate the waters of global diplomacy?